Luke Larsen is a Computer Programer

I'm Luke Larsen, a computer programmer who utilizes 7 coding languages, and is always trying to expand my knowledge of computer programming.

I'm most recently using Html, Css, Php, Javascript for websites, like this one for instance. Another one I've created is Pyrin, it's one example of my work, although it is an entirely seperate project.

I'm always available for work so if you would like to contact me do so here:


Here is My Resume

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About Me

I grew up in a small town in California, where I went to school. At a young age I became facinated with the workings of the computer I was playing on and began learning some batch scripting, It was fun to watch my parents jump with a simple matrix and make them belive I was hacking something. I kept getting more and more in-depth about programming and Html was the first thing I got into. I was so happy when I uploaded something to a free site that would say "Hello World" with a basic back ground. That was my start in programming and the first step on a long journey for me through the computer world.


If you want to contact me please fill out this form. I would be glad to hear from you, and happy to do some work with you.